Waunakee Area Little League (WALL)

Waunakee Area Little League (formly the rec program) aims to provide a healthy environment for the youth of our community. The focus is to encourage participation, develop character and discipline, promote teamwork, and advocate citizenship and community pride. WALL strives to provide quality insturctin in the development of baseball and softball skills, sportsmanship, competitiveness and fair play. Waunakee Area Little League is committed to enriching the lives of all our youth and fostering a love of the game.  
WALL includes baseball and softball leagues for childen of all ages. WALL play is based on the grade a player is entering in the fall. A summary of the leagues available for girls is listed below.
Little League T-ball - coed league for 4 year olds
T-ball - coed league for children entering kindergarten
Coach pitch softball - Grades 1 and 2
Rookie leage softball - Grade 3 (pitching machine)
Minor league softball - Grade 4 and 5 (live pitching with 11 inch ball and from 35 feet)
Major league softball - Grade 6 and 7 (live pitching with 12 inch ball and from 40 feet)
Junior league softball - Grade 8 and 9 (live pitching with 12 inch ball and from 40 feet)
For more information about the Waunakee Area Little League please contact Jeff Skoug at: jskoug@vil.waunakee.wi.us
Or go to the following website: www.eteamz.com/WaunakeeAreaLittleLeague